Being “There” When You Can’t “Be There”

By Dana McIntyre @danamcintyre1

If you’ve read some of my other blogs, you already know that my father recently underwent a stem cell transplant. (If you didn’t, then get to reading!) He was in the hospital for over two weeks which, unfortunately, coincided with his first grandson’s graduation from high school.

We planned on using iPhone FaceTime so that he could watch the graduation live, but since we did not have internet at the stadium that idea fell through. I tried calling and letting him hear the graduation over the phone but there was so much feedback that he was unable to determine what was being said.

We planned on using StoryMark to document his graduation anyway and it worked out perfectly because I was able to record Matthew’s name being announced as he crossed the stage to get his diploma. I recorded the Superintendent of Schools announcing the Class of 2012 graduated. I captured the class chanting and tossing their caps after all was said and done. And I was able to text it to my dad immediately so he was “there” when he technically “wasn’t there”.

And as much as I love using StoryMark, I’m thrilled that my dad’s transplant was a success…and that he can be there in person for my son’s COLLEGE graduation!

Tossing the caps! Using StoryMark with an Instagram Pic! – YouTube.

3 thoughts on “Being “There” When You Can’t “Be There”

  1. StoryMark seems to be a really useful map! It’s true that often you miss out on stuff because you can’t be there and this technology get’s you there in no time…I need to get my hands on it right away! 🙂

  2. Using a map is really important! I must say but where would we be if we didn`t have smart phones. I look towards my dad for directions and he gets around better than the smart phone applications. Its amazing honestly!

  3. yes, I am sure there are other times you would prefer to be using StoryMArk. Great to hear however that your father is all better now and everything went ok!! 🙂

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