My Imaginary Date With Zac Efron

By Dana McIntyre

My husband and I are always joking back and forth about our “celebrity crushes”.  When we are choosing a movie, he will say “And oooooh, it has your boy Zac Efron in it.  We are definitely going to have to watch that one, huh?”

My answer?  “Well, duh.”   I’ve decided that if my husband ever follows through on his threat to make me sit through a Star Trek marathon, then we are having an Efron Marathon too…Hello Charlie St. Cloud!!

(So now, everyone is well aware of my Cougar crush on the high school musical star.  Sigh…)

So one day I played a joke on him by using another photo app on my iPhone called Face-In-Hole, where you can use pictures and impose someone else’s face on the picture, and voila!  You’re on the red carpet with your favorite celebrity!

To  make it even funnier, I used StoryMark to ask my husband a question…

Funny 1 – YouTube.

And he responded to me like this…

Funny 2 – YouTube.


So I sent one back to him…

Me & Zac – YouTube.

And although my red carpet walk with Zac Efron only occurs on my phone and in my dreams, and I am painfully reminded that I am old enough to be his mother, I can still cherish those imaginary memories thanks to StoryMark and Face-In-Hole.

And, by the way, do cougars growl?  Because if so, Zac, can you hear me?  I’m growling.

For more information, check out or find the free StoryMark app in the iPhone store or for Android (Google Play).

6 thoughts on “My Imaginary Date With Zac Efron

  1. Dana,

    I will have to disagree about something regarding your wonderful husbands crush. I am not a big KK fan so I feel that she cannot hold a candle to you not even on her best day. However if he would of picked someone like Cindy crawford well that would of been an even race there. There is something bout Kim that makes me think of nails on a chalk board….Sorry Dale….Just my ever so humble opinion.

  2. I love the app combination of StoryMark and Face-in-hole you used to great this great imaginary situation! 😀 And needless to say, you do look awesome in that picture with Zac! 😉

  3. I say that age is just a number! doesn`t matter how old or young you are you can have a crash on anyone you really want to! I remember when Zac was on Disney channel gosh that was a long time ago!

  4. Great app this, I will have to download it and have fun with my husband too! I believe most of us have crushes on a celebrity. I best not say mine…’s a strange one!! 😉

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