Star Wars vs. Nicholas Sparks. Who would win?

By Dana McIntyre @DanaMcIntyre1

My husband, Dale and I are very similar in so many ways – that’s what really attracted us to each other. We both love to camp, participate in triathlons, and so many other things. His parents have been married for 38 years, mine for 52. We both share the same religion, are non-smokers, and have the exact same political views.
But when it comes to movies, we are on complete opposite sides of the RedBox. I am a hopeless romantic so I’ve always loved movies like “When Harry Met Sally” and “The Wedding Date.” But I also love rough and tough movie like “Slap Shot” and “Gladiator.”

My husband however, loves action movies and…wait for it…..sci-fi. And I mean ANTHING sci-fi. Star Wars. Star Trek. Tron. Flash Gordon. If it has the word “Universe” or “Droid” or “Legion” in the trailer, then it is on his list of movies to watch. (Please don’t get me wrong though. I know a LOT of people like sci-fi…It’s just not for me.)

One afternoon Dale and I were kidding around and he started quoting something from Star Wars. I was completely lost. What the heck is a Boba Fett? Why would I know any of that? He started to clue in when my eyes started rolling back into my head.

“WHAT?” he said. “You have never seen STAR WARS??? Not ‘The Empire Strikes Back?’ Not the ‘Phantom Menace?’ NOTHING???”

Unknowingly, I had committed the cardinal sin of being a software programmers wife: I was not geek-worthy. Clearly I would never win at “Jeopardy!” if the category was science fiction.

One evening when we were trying to figure out what to watch on TV, Dale had the brilliant idea that we should finally watch Star Wars. He was completely serious. He said I could finally find out what a Sith was! YAYYYYYY! A sith? I was thinking hey I already know what that is. It’s what you use in the kitchen to drain your pasta. What’s it got to do with science fiction?

When I gave him a scowl, he then suggested “War Games” and I asked “Is that the movie you wanted me to watch where the guy lived in the computer game?” This time HE scowled and said “That’s Tron, doofus.” I just smiled and said ‘Did you seriously just call ME the doofus here?”

We ended up watching “21 Jump Street”.

Dale has suggested that we have a “Star Wars” marathon one day. That’s fine. Because if we have a “Star Wars” marathon, I have told him that we will also be having a Nicholas Sparks marathon.

I can’t wait!  He’s going to LOOOOOOVVVVE “The Notebook.”


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Have you ever had TV wars with your spouse about what movies to watch?

“Hey Y’all!!! Watch This!!!”

By Dana McIntyre

My son Matthew has never been one to sit back and let life pass him by. He has always been busy doing something…being the Captain of the high school ice hockey team, or when he went through his skateboarding phase, or when he learned to play the guitar (“Hey mom, have you ever heard of a band called Pink Floyd?”) or whatever, he’s always stayed busy…and there’s usually a pretty good story to go along with it.

So one day when he brought some clothes home that desperately needed to be washed or just thrown away, I knew there would be a pretty funny explanation.

Now, anyone who is from the South can attest that Georgia has red clay, and not mud. Just like kudzu that grows on everything standing still, & yellow pollen covering every car in the spring, our red clay can be recognized instantly. If you’re watching a movie and see red clay, you know immediately it was made in the great State of Georgia. (Smokey & The Bandit, Fried Green Tomatoes, My Cousin Vinny, Forrest Gump, & Deliverance to name a few. I’d like to not claim Deliverance because it’s what every Northerner thinks Georgia is all about, but what would Northerner’s talk about if not for us?)

Matthew pulled out his iPhone and I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw some of the pictures they had taken of the day’s events. The boys had clearly been out “mudding” on their dirt bikes & 4 wheelers because they were covered from head to toe in red clay.

I asked Matthew if they had fun & he said yeah, they were “mud tubing.”

It all started after it rained every day for about a week. He had just gotten his driver’s license and he and the boys would drive around looking for a fun place to ride their dirt bikes. They found an open field that was already nothing but mud and had been riding bikes for a while when someone said the infamous Southern words that makes every mother cringe….”Hey y’all – watch THIS!!!”

Someone grabbed an inner tube out of the back of someone’s truck and tied it to a four wheeler. The idea was to not only get dragged through the mud but to get sprayed by the chunks of mud coming off of the tires of the four wheeler. (What made me laugh was that apparently they have done this so much they had actually NAMED this event.)

My favorite picture shows mud tubing in action so I asked Matthew to explain:

Mud Tubing SM – YouTube.

And while he had fun tubing, let me just say that it’s not all fun and games trying to get that famous Georgia clay out of clothes!

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