Toughness Comes In Many Colors

I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy. I love camping and working on my house. I still like manicures and makeup and I love the color pink so I guess I’m a bit of a girly girl as well.

My step daughter recently decided that she didn’t want to wear pink anymore because she didn’t want to look like a little girl. She’s 12.

I tried to explain to her that there is nothing wrong with wearing pink and that you can still assert plenty of toughness when wearing it.

I told her about one of the best concerts I have ever attended – the Metallica concert. My dear friend, Kim, and I were standing in line, waiting to get in the arena. An older gentleman that worked for the arena was walking up and down the line asking to view inside people’s purses (just in case they were trying to smuggle in booze or guns). He walked by, checked my purse and went on down the line. A few minutes later he came back up the line and asked to check my purse again.

The third time he walked by and asked to see in my purse I started to wonder if maybe I had some underwear in my purse or maybe someone had stashed a Playboy in there. Finally, Kim, who was wearing the standard blue jeans and black shirt – attire that you would expect to see at a Metallica concert, said “Do you not recognize the fact that you have checked her purse two times already??!? She is
the ONLY person at this entire concert in PINK!”

Yep. You can wear pink and still be cool enough to go to a Metallica concert.

Recently, we took Bailey to the shooting range so that she could target shoot with a 22. Again, she had refused to wear pink that day, but she still had to wear my ear protection – which happen to be hot pink. She said she didn’t feel tough enough wearing the pink earplugs…that was until she saw my target covered in holes and me in a pink shirt and pink sound suppressors.

So yes, whether you’re rocking out to Metallica or shooting a 9 mm handgun, just remember, toughness comes in many colors. It just depends on how you wear it.

Just ask this little guy. And he’s wearing green. photo(18)

7 thoughts on “Toughness Comes In Many Colors

  1. Absolutely love your entry for the day!!!! And love your “pink” ear protection!! I have a mental picture
    of heads turning at the shooting range!!! 🙂 Thanks for entertaining so many with your natural humor!

    • Thank you! I was pretty happy with my shots – I just got the 9 mm and this was the first time I had fired it. (My dad taught me to shoot when I was younger – he was very proud when he saw this picture! ha)

  2. This may be the perfect post. You hit it all, Metallica Concert, shooting guns, camping, creepy guys looking in purses, toughness and the color pink.

    Reminds me of a David Allen Cole song.

    • Yep – but I can’t write about my mama getting out of prison because if you’ve read my other posts about my mom, that’s the last place she’d ever be…and I don’t drive a truck. haha

      • I guess no one is perfect. Ha ha.

        That is funny. I am still laughing. I haven’t done this in a long time because I am married and domesticated. But there was a time when someone was bothering me I would randomly throw out the line from the song. “I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison.”

        Usually I got a look like I had three eyes. Rarely someone got it. But when they did, they quickly became best friends.

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