Bailey’s Birthday Minus Mom

By Dana McIntyre      @DanaMcIntyre1

It’s so hard for me to believe, but my husband and I have been married now for almost three years. We don’t have any kids together but we both brought kids from our previous marriages into our new one.

Most parents will agree that one of the most difficult things about getting divorced is not having your children with you all of the time. (Although for some people, they consider that a vacation!) For me, the hardest part was missing important holidays and events in my child’s life. He would spend Thanksgiving at my house one year, the next at his dads. Splitting Christmas day right in the middle…half at mom’s, half at dad’s.

This year, my step-daughter, Bailey was with us on her 11th birthday. We planned the usual birthday festivities – cake, balloons, gifts, friends, grandparents, etc. But as a mother who has been there, I knew it would be difficult for her mom not to see her on that day.

We used StoryMark to document her special day with tons of pictures (even using Instagram to add effects), but we also were able to add the sounds of the party and the ear bleeding result of our family singing Happy Birthday to her off-key. Bailey e-mailed the StoryMarks directly to her mother, allowing her to share in the party festivities.

So the next time you can’t attend a birthday party or a school chorus recital, consider using StoryMark to include the other parent. Bridging the gap between divorced parents can be so beneficial to your kids, and can start with the most simple gesture .

So Happy Birthday, Bailey! Cha! Cha! Cha!

Baileys Birthday – YouTube.

So what about you?  Have you ever been away from your kids on a holiday or birthday due to a divorce?  How did you cope?

For more information on StoryMark, visit or download for free on your iPhone or Android.

5 thoughts on “Bailey’s Birthday Minus Mom

  1. Wow! Never even thought about that….meaning the other mom missing out on such an occasion. From my own selfish perspective, I’m glad that I don’t have to share my children with anyone. Don’t know how I’d manage.
    But, I’m going to use the app to send to all of our family members back home, since we’re so far away from everyone that we love!
    Glad that you took the time to include Bailey’s mom! Thumbs up to you!

  2. That was definitely the hardest part of being divorced. I actually get along pretty well with my ex now that we are divorced. My husband and his ex are working on being friends again. It just takes some time and a LOT of patience.

  3. That’s a great move you made by letting Bailey’s mum feel included at such an important celebration of her daughter’s life! Yes, being divorced is an unusual situation and needs to be handled with patience. And thanks for letting us know about that great app…i’m sure it’s bringing a lot of smiles to people all around.

  4. I`m glad I`ve never really had to go through this but I can only imagine that it must be hard. Not getting to see someone for a special time in your life not only hurts you but it hurts them in return. I am sure that they are missing you as much as you are missing them. Always remember to stay strong!

  5. It’s never easy divorce. Coming from divorced parents myself, I was shipping from one to the other on all the big events of the year. I guess the only advantage I could see was almost double the presents!!!

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